Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"The Office"

Once a week, I allow myself a delicious, indulgent Starbucks drink. So if you see me on Tuesday, I am generally very happy and SUPER awake!! Usually I drive through on my way somewhere, but this Tuesday we were staying at home all day so I decided to go quickly to my neighborhood Starbucks in the morning while Zeb watched the kids. I was in such a good mood that I ordered Zeb a hot chocolate and the kids each a "special milk". This consists of milk with a pump of vanilla (chocolate for Cooper) and ice in a cool cup with a straw. Six drinks later I was walking out the door when a lady said "you must be buying for the office". I had to laugh because I was wearing a cover-up with my bright pink bathing suit under it. Swimming lessons were next on our morning agenda. Where exactly did she think I worked? I told her the drinks were for my kids and then clarified that they were milk in case she thought I was feeding them mochas or something (that has NEVER happened before and if any of my friends or mother fess up- we are fighting!).
The comment about the office got me thinking. I WAS buying drinks for the"office". I work from home. I am not self-employed however. I work for God, my kids and my husband. I generally work for the salary of hugs, kisses, thank-you's and the occasional break to Target by myself. My office has an awesome dress code. Apparently I can wear my bathing suit all day if I want. Casual Fridays are any day of the week. My office never closes, we are always open for business. Especially in the middle of the night if some little body needs snuggling or comforting. I have a never-ending task list for my clients and myself. It is the hardest job I have ever had (keep in mind I used to work the 12 hour night shift with peds bone marrow patients). It is the best job I have ever had! Watching my kids grow not only in height and weight, but spiritual maturity and social maturity...looking on as they read and color and play games. Nothing better in the world. What a fantastic job opportunity I happened upon. I hope they never fire me.
One last question-do you think the people at Starbucks give office discounts?