Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little boys

So, summer has officially begun. Caiden and Cooper are now both out of school. Today was our first day home with everyone. The day started with my early riser Brenton who was in my bed giving me a "back rub" (kicking me, kneeing or elbowing me) at 5:30. I'm still not sure what is possessing him to wake up so early, but oh well. Then followed Cooper and Caiden at 6:15 who announced "we slept in today, just like we were supposed to!" At which point I grabbed Zeb's arm and begged him not to leave us to go to work. After Caiden got his fix of TV today-I'm embarassed to say how many hours pbs was on, we started in on an art project. Someone gave me the idea to fill large ziplock bags with all kinds of different, random art supplies and pull them out every few days. I made a big production of getting the art supplies out of the closet, even going so far as calling them our "imagination bags". Caiden and Cooper both chose a bag filled with foam stickers, popsicle sticks, beads and pipe cleaners. I brought out crayons, glue, markers etc.... Brenton chose a bag with paper and stickers. I'm thinking this will last for hours. We could glue foam shapes and beads then draw pictures around them, write a story about them, hang them around the house. What's the first thing the boys do? Well besides Brenton whining about how he needs what the big boys have, Caiden and Cooper make a "wand" out of a popsicle stick and heart or star foam shape. "Do you know what this is mom?" Of course I do-it's a magic wand, we can change things into what we want-new food or drink, change our clothes, make ourselves fly on unicorns or something equally as stupid and girly. "no, mom they're SUPER DEFEATER SWORDS-ching, ching (imagine fighting and slashing and running rapidly around the house). So much for art day. We also set up a cute frog shaped tent that I thought could be a "book nook". It turned into a superhero force field that no one was allowed in. I don't understand boys, but they sure are full of energy and cute. I'd like to say I understood girls. While Blakeleigh has an affinity for baby dolls, she sits here playing with Legos and a Lightening McQueen mechanical pencil in her hand.

Cooper's quote of the day (these quotes are going to turn into a book)-Mom, I don't think God stretches us out at night (as he is pulling his hair up and his arms out), I think he just grows us.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random happenings at our house

Well, I keep waiting to be "inspired" to write or waiting for something extra funny to happen at our house. Funny things happen all the time, but by the time I get the boys to bed and wait for Blakeleigh (the energizer bunny) to fall asleep, I am WAY to tired to write. So rather than posting about a specific event, here are some random happenings at our house.

* All of the kids played a little game Zeb and I like to call "tag-team vomiting" last weekend. It was really fun running from room to room with old Easter buckets in hand to catch puke. All started by little Typhoid Mary (Blakeleigh) and ended with Cooper. Thank God Zeb and I didn't get sick. I think we got Gran and Papa a little sick however-very sorry!! I am so grateful Zeb is not only a fantastic doctor, husband and father but also a great puke catcher, fast runner and good at doing laundry.

Blakeleigh-she now is cruising really fast around the furniture and even stands by herself (until she notices, then falls on her booty). She can blow kisses and her favorite animal is a pig. We have decided that because she knows how to make the pig noise. She needs to grow some more hair because she can and does pull her hair headbands out. She is sleeping better at night and after her brothers go to bed can stay up and entertain us for quite awhile. We love to hear her talk and say "mama, dada, lala". Lots of fun!

Cooper-Just finished his last day of 3/4 year old preschool! They had a teddy bear picnic to which Cooper brought his dragon named "dragon fire". Daddy and Cooper and Caiden had a special night at Build-a-Bear and made dragons-very cute. The teddy bear picnic was fun except for Cooper had a serious attitude problem. He wouldn't smile for pictures with his teachers and just wanted to go home! He is ready for summer! I have to get him started on some activites at the house or he is just going to fight with Brenton or bother Blakeleigh all day!
Favorite quote by Cooper -(while going to the bathroom)"Dad can you press that button that makes it not smell so bad?" "The fan, Cooper?" "Yes" "Dad, it still stinks in here" "Well, Cooper, that's because you are sitting in your poop"

Caiden-Just finished playing coach-pitch baseball. One of his coaches is a fireman, so we got a tour of the firestation. They are still talking about it. His last three days of school are this week! He has had the most amazing kindergarten teachers. I can't believe all he has learned. He is reading, doing math, spelling, writing, can tie his shoes. He can ride a two wheeled bike and is actually remembering and enjoying swimming! Such a big boy. Still likes to snuggle with mom and dad and be read to or hear stories about when he was "little". He will be moving out of our sunday school class this summer into the FIRST GRADE class-I don't know what we will do without him-we have been teaching his class since he was 3.

Brenton-the early riser who is always in our bed at 5 a.m. He just finished BSF, where he loved his teachers. This was his "school" when Caiden and Cooper would talk about their school. A switch turned on around 2 1/2 where Brenton only talks in a whiny voice. We are hoping this will turn off when he turns 3. He will be doing swimming lessons as well this summer. All I can say is good luck Miss Margaret!! His new favorite thing is to yell "applise!" (surprise) at random times.

Last, but not least I would just like to say I feel I have been a good sport about the scorpions. Yes, I scream, panic and sweat (or call my mom for moral support) when I have to smash them. Zeb is thinking "when do YOU have to smash them?". But for the record, scorpions crawling on your leg while you are IN BED is not okay!! I would post a picture, but my hero of a husband smashed it to bits-thank you honey.
Pictures to come soon.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's hard to believe he was this little (except for his eyes). But now we don't want him to grow up so fast. Here are some pictures of our Super Duper Cooper for all to enjoy.

Having fun playing at the two-parks.

Sometimes its hard to stay clean.

First day of preschool.

Celebrating his 4th Birthday with his Mommy!

Warming up for Itty-Bitty sports.

Cooper at Pinewood Derby at church.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coopie Doop

This is for my second sweet boy. The one who I always feel gets left out. He is not the oldest or first to do anything. He is not the 2 year old who needs help with many things and a lot of instruction. He is also not the baby that mommy probably devotes most of her time to-because that's just what babies require. So this is for you, my sweet, smiley Cooper-who is one of the very bright lights of my life!!
Cooper Zane
Age: 4
Hair: Dirty blond-always needs to be spiked up, never allowed to do it
Eyes: Beautiful light brown, hazel color
Nicknames: Coopie, Coop, Super Duper Cooper, Pooper (this comes from Brenton) Caiden called him Pooker before he was born
Favorite color: Sparkle
Favorite food: he says candy, I say pasta
Favorite ice cream or cake flavor: CHOCOLATE! (so much that he will refuse other kinds of cake)
Wants to be an artist when he grows up
Favorite person: he says mommy, I say Caiden

What to say about Cooper? If you met Cooper at Bible Study, church or preschool you might think I had a very calm, shy, easygoing child. Come on over to my house around 4 pm and you will think Cooper has a twin. His name is crazy Cooper-or should I say "Cooper Zane stop that!".
When he was a toddler, Zeb and I wanted to write a series of books entitled "no, Cooper, no" or "Come back Cooper". He is busy to say the least. He loves to jump from furniture to furniture (which if you are wondering we are NOT allowed to do). He LOVES to play with his brothers and is usually very agreeable to whatever Caiden wants to do (not necessarily Brenton). He is a really good sharer. When he was little, I would give him a cracker for each hand because that's always how Caiden would like his snack. Cooper would immediately go and share one with Caiden because that's just how sweet he is. He loves the babies at our house. He loves them so much, he's going to hurt them! Big hugs, kisses all day and willing to do anything mommy asks related to them. I keep reminding him when he is kicking Brenton that he used to love her as much as he loves Blakeleigh now. Cooper is a really good colorer, and loves to write out his alphabet-mommy and daddy think he is very smart! He also has an amazing mind and is very spiritually mature. He thinks of all kinds of things. Today was "mom, when God and Jesus have a birthday, they don't get any bigger do they?" Cooper loves to have his back rubbed and scratched before he goes to bed and only mommy can do it. No matter what the struggles are during the day (believe me, there are more than I can count!) Cooper always loves me at the end. He is an amazing, warm, friendly, fun, energetic, cute, precious, smart, loving, kind, very special child. We are so glad God blessed us with him. Some of my favorite moments are our special times, just the two of us. I hope he always wants to be my friend. I love you Cooper-to the moon and back!!

1. Why is it okay for my children to make me fake food that consists of pickles, strawberries and onion rings, but they cry when I try to put sauce on their pasta?
2. Why can my kids get 12 hours of sleep but still be grumpy when they wake up?
3. Why do I always know when Cooper has to pee but he never does?

Smart mom moment of the day
I let Cooper watch "the baby story" (on TLC) while I was finishing up cleaning the house before we left somewhere. We have been watching this show for a long time ever since Caiden was little, the boys rarely pay that close of attention to it. Pretty soon, Cooper looks at me and says "hmmm, so that's how babies are born". TV off, time to go!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No, we were not trying for a girl

I'm sure anyone who has more than one child of the same sex will tell you that they get this question. The other day I heard a particularly rude comment of "I only had to have three to get my girl-you had to have four". Now, if this would have been for my ears only, I could have let it roll off my back. However, Brenton and Cooper were with me. When they get a little older, I never want them to hear a comment like that and think that we wished they were a girl or kept trying for a girl because they were not good enough as boys. This simply is not true. So this post is dedicated to Brenton-my third little boy.
Brenton Zachery
Age: 2-almost 3
Hair: Blond
Eyes: We have no idea what color they are-not because we don't look but rather they are not a color found in the box of Crayolas
Favorite food: Turkey sandwiches, hot dogs, fruit, yogurt, In N Out, bacon, pretty much anything
Least favorite food: not a big fan of peanut butter (which might just be a sin in our house)
Favorite activities: playing Little People, cars, cash register, pushing his shopping cart, yelling at people who touch his shopping cart, hoarding his possessions in his shopping cart...
Why I love Brenton: He is quite possibly the silliest of all my kids. He will spontaneously break into dance or song or ask you a question and laugh hysterically. He loves to snuggle and be tickled and has an amazing belly laugh. He plays "rock guitar" and teaches me Bible stories. He loves his brothers and sister except of course when they tackle him or touch his shopping cart. Brenton has been my most easygoing child-I even let him watch Barney (sorry Molly)-quite frankly because it was on at a good time and I get kisses and hugs at the end. He has been the child we have worried the least about and have had the most joy watching grow up. When I found out I was pregnant for the third time, I was overjoyed. Then, around 20 weeks the doctor told me I had a higher possibility of having a baby with Down Syndrome. When he arrived and Zeb told me he looked great, I have never felt so much relief. He has been a true blessing to our family.
Favorite words and expressions: "chichen"(kitchen) "chouch"(couch) "my brothers are caidna, pooper" "I am tenton and my sister is bakley" "mommy, pooper naughty me" (cooper is being naughy to me"
We love you our Brenton Bear!

Quote of the day by Cooper (at school, Cooper has been talking about recycling and what materials can be recycled) "mom, this baby food container is made out of plastic, our stroller is made out of wood and Blakeleigh's baby doll is made out of fluff. Fluff is soft and cannot be recycled". Oh, Cooper-what would I do without you?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Are we kidding?

This is a post that could also be titled "Let's talk about this". It is addressed mainly to my children. First-to Caiden and Cooper-when using the new cameras that Gran and Papa gave you that take photos AND videos-it is best not to use the video feature when daddy is in the shower or when mommy is getting ready in the bathroom. Remind me to delete some footage later. Are we kidding? To Brenton and Blakeleigh-when mommy puts you in your beds and tells you it's nap time, it is best FOR EVERYONE that you actually go to sleep. Not kick the letters off your wall (Brenton), not pretend read books (Blakeleigh), not get up and tell me "nap time is over" (Brenton) and finally not scream your head off so that mommy thinks you are dying and when she goes to peek in on you there are no tears (Blakeleigh). Are we kidding? This is to the kind people at Tortolita Middle School where Caiden has coach pitch baseball on the weekends. Sometimes my children like to eat lots of bagels in the morning on the way to the game. Three bagels to be exact by Cooper. Well, you might guess what will happen after a skinny 4 year old eats three bagesl. That's right-he's gonna have to poop. Well, when no bathrooms are OPEN, mommy has to run to the car and get the box that the bagels came in-and we have to poop in the box! IN THE PARKING LOT! Yes, I cleaned out the bagels first. Seriously, are we kidding?
Quotes of the day by Brenton-(mommy) Brenon, finish your hot dog and you can have your cookie. (Brenton) my tummy is sick (mommy) oh, well I guess you shouldn't eat your cookie if your tummy feels sick (Brenton) It's only hot dog sick mommy, not cookie sick. Gotta love them!