Monday, May 24, 2010

Random happenings at our house

Well, I keep waiting to be "inspired" to write or waiting for something extra funny to happen at our house. Funny things happen all the time, but by the time I get the boys to bed and wait for Blakeleigh (the energizer bunny) to fall asleep, I am WAY to tired to write. So rather than posting about a specific event, here are some random happenings at our house.

* All of the kids played a little game Zeb and I like to call "tag-team vomiting" last weekend. It was really fun running from room to room with old Easter buckets in hand to catch puke. All started by little Typhoid Mary (Blakeleigh) and ended with Cooper. Thank God Zeb and I didn't get sick. I think we got Gran and Papa a little sick however-very sorry!! I am so grateful Zeb is not only a fantastic doctor, husband and father but also a great puke catcher, fast runner and good at doing laundry.

Blakeleigh-she now is cruising really fast around the furniture and even stands by herself (until she notices, then falls on her booty). She can blow kisses and her favorite animal is a pig. We have decided that because she knows how to make the pig noise. She needs to grow some more hair because she can and does pull her hair headbands out. She is sleeping better at night and after her brothers go to bed can stay up and entertain us for quite awhile. We love to hear her talk and say "mama, dada, lala". Lots of fun!

Cooper-Just finished his last day of 3/4 year old preschool! They had a teddy bear picnic to which Cooper brought his dragon named "dragon fire". Daddy and Cooper and Caiden had a special night at Build-a-Bear and made dragons-very cute. The teddy bear picnic was fun except for Cooper had a serious attitude problem. He wouldn't smile for pictures with his teachers and just wanted to go home! He is ready for summer! I have to get him started on some activites at the house or he is just going to fight with Brenton or bother Blakeleigh all day!
Favorite quote by Cooper -(while going to the bathroom)"Dad can you press that button that makes it not smell so bad?" "The fan, Cooper?" "Yes" "Dad, it still stinks in here" "Well, Cooper, that's because you are sitting in your poop"

Caiden-Just finished playing coach-pitch baseball. One of his coaches is a fireman, so we got a tour of the firestation. They are still talking about it. His last three days of school are this week! He has had the most amazing kindergarten teachers. I can't believe all he has learned. He is reading, doing math, spelling, writing, can tie his shoes. He can ride a two wheeled bike and is actually remembering and enjoying swimming! Such a big boy. Still likes to snuggle with mom and dad and be read to or hear stories about when he was "little". He will be moving out of our sunday school class this summer into the FIRST GRADE class-I don't know what we will do without him-we have been teaching his class since he was 3.

Brenton-the early riser who is always in our bed at 5 a.m. He just finished BSF, where he loved his teachers. This was his "school" when Caiden and Cooper would talk about their school. A switch turned on around 2 1/2 where Brenton only talks in a whiny voice. We are hoping this will turn off when he turns 3. He will be doing swimming lessons as well this summer. All I can say is good luck Miss Margaret!! His new favorite thing is to yell "applise!" (surprise) at random times.

Last, but not least I would just like to say I feel I have been a good sport about the scorpions. Yes, I scream, panic and sweat (or call my mom for moral support) when I have to smash them. Zeb is thinking "when do YOU have to smash them?". But for the record, scorpions crawling on your leg while you are IN BED is not okay!! I would post a picture, but my hero of a husband smashed it to bits-thank you honey.
Pictures to come soon.

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  1. What adorable stories... And all I can think of is the scorpions!! EW!!!
    Give the Delp Babies a love for me!!! Miss you!