Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little boys

So, summer has officially begun. Caiden and Cooper are now both out of school. Today was our first day home with everyone. The day started with my early riser Brenton who was in my bed giving me a "back rub" (kicking me, kneeing or elbowing me) at 5:30. I'm still not sure what is possessing him to wake up so early, but oh well. Then followed Cooper and Caiden at 6:15 who announced "we slept in today, just like we were supposed to!" At which point I grabbed Zeb's arm and begged him not to leave us to go to work. After Caiden got his fix of TV today-I'm embarassed to say how many hours pbs was on, we started in on an art project. Someone gave me the idea to fill large ziplock bags with all kinds of different, random art supplies and pull them out every few days. I made a big production of getting the art supplies out of the closet, even going so far as calling them our "imagination bags". Caiden and Cooper both chose a bag filled with foam stickers, popsicle sticks, beads and pipe cleaners. I brought out crayons, glue, markers etc.... Brenton chose a bag with paper and stickers. I'm thinking this will last for hours. We could glue foam shapes and beads then draw pictures around them, write a story about them, hang them around the house. What's the first thing the boys do? Well besides Brenton whining about how he needs what the big boys have, Caiden and Cooper make a "wand" out of a popsicle stick and heart or star foam shape. "Do you know what this is mom?" Of course I do-it's a magic wand, we can change things into what we want-new food or drink, change our clothes, make ourselves fly on unicorns or something equally as stupid and girly. "no, mom they're SUPER DEFEATER SWORDS-ching, ching (imagine fighting and slashing and running rapidly around the house). So much for art day. We also set up a cute frog shaped tent that I thought could be a "book nook". It turned into a superhero force field that no one was allowed in. I don't understand boys, but they sure are full of energy and cute. I'd like to say I understood girls. While Blakeleigh has an affinity for baby dolls, she sits here playing with Legos and a Lightening McQueen mechanical pencil in her hand.

Cooper's quote of the day (these quotes are going to turn into a book)-Mom, I don't think God stretches us out at night (as he is pulling his hair up and his arms out), I think he just grows us.

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  1. I can just picture it... Thanks for the tip- no need for "art bags" this summer!! Thanks for always test driving these GREAT ideas for me! Love you!!!