Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coopie Doop

This is for my second sweet boy. The one who I always feel gets left out. He is not the oldest or first to do anything. He is not the 2 year old who needs help with many things and a lot of instruction. He is also not the baby that mommy probably devotes most of her time to-because that's just what babies require. So this is for you, my sweet, smiley Cooper-who is one of the very bright lights of my life!!
Cooper Zane
Age: 4
Hair: Dirty blond-always needs to be spiked up, never allowed to do it
Eyes: Beautiful light brown, hazel color
Nicknames: Coopie, Coop, Super Duper Cooper, Pooper (this comes from Brenton) Caiden called him Pooker before he was born
Favorite color: Sparkle
Favorite food: he says candy, I say pasta
Favorite ice cream or cake flavor: CHOCOLATE! (so much that he will refuse other kinds of cake)
Wants to be an artist when he grows up
Favorite person: he says mommy, I say Caiden

What to say about Cooper? If you met Cooper at Bible Study, church or preschool you might think I had a very calm, shy, easygoing child. Come on over to my house around 4 pm and you will think Cooper has a twin. His name is crazy Cooper-or should I say "Cooper Zane stop that!".
When he was a toddler, Zeb and I wanted to write a series of books entitled "no, Cooper, no" or "Come back Cooper". He is busy to say the least. He loves to jump from furniture to furniture (which if you are wondering we are NOT allowed to do). He LOVES to play with his brothers and is usually very agreeable to whatever Caiden wants to do (not necessarily Brenton). He is a really good sharer. When he was little, I would give him a cracker for each hand because that's always how Caiden would like his snack. Cooper would immediately go and share one with Caiden because that's just how sweet he is. He loves the babies at our house. He loves them so much, he's going to hurt them! Big hugs, kisses all day and willing to do anything mommy asks related to them. I keep reminding him when he is kicking Brenton that he used to love her as much as he loves Blakeleigh now. Cooper is a really good colorer, and loves to write out his alphabet-mommy and daddy think he is very smart! He also has an amazing mind and is very spiritually mature. He thinks of all kinds of things. Today was "mom, when God and Jesus have a birthday, they don't get any bigger do they?" Cooper loves to have his back rubbed and scratched before he goes to bed and only mommy can do it. No matter what the struggles are during the day (believe me, there are more than I can count!) Cooper always loves me at the end. He is an amazing, warm, friendly, fun, energetic, cute, precious, smart, loving, kind, very special child. We are so glad God blessed us with him. Some of my favorite moments are our special times, just the two of us. I hope he always wants to be my friend. I love you Cooper-to the moon and back!!

1. Why is it okay for my children to make me fake food that consists of pickles, strawberries and onion rings, but they cry when I try to put sauce on their pasta?
2. Why can my kids get 12 hours of sleep but still be grumpy when they wake up?
3. Why do I always know when Cooper has to pee but he never does?

Smart mom moment of the day
I let Cooper watch "the baby story" (on TLC) while I was finishing up cleaning the house before we left somewhere. We have been watching this show for a long time ever since Caiden was little, the boys rarely pay that close of attention to it. Pretty soon, Cooper looks at me and says "hmmm, so that's how babies are born". TV off, time to go!!

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  1. What a sweet tribute to such a sweet boy! I miss my 3 men and a little lady!!! Now that Coop knows where babies come from, can he explain to Annabelle the difference between breast milk and formula?