Saturday, April 10, 2010

Are we kidding?

This is a post that could also be titled "Let's talk about this". It is addressed mainly to my children. First-to Caiden and Cooper-when using the new cameras that Gran and Papa gave you that take photos AND videos-it is best not to use the video feature when daddy is in the shower or when mommy is getting ready in the bathroom. Remind me to delete some footage later. Are we kidding? To Brenton and Blakeleigh-when mommy puts you in your beds and tells you it's nap time, it is best FOR EVERYONE that you actually go to sleep. Not kick the letters off your wall (Brenton), not pretend read books (Blakeleigh), not get up and tell me "nap time is over" (Brenton) and finally not scream your head off so that mommy thinks you are dying and when she goes to peek in on you there are no tears (Blakeleigh). Are we kidding? This is to the kind people at Tortolita Middle School where Caiden has coach pitch baseball on the weekends. Sometimes my children like to eat lots of bagels in the morning on the way to the game. Three bagels to be exact by Cooper. Well, you might guess what will happen after a skinny 4 year old eats three bagesl. That's right-he's gonna have to poop. Well, when no bathrooms are OPEN, mommy has to run to the car and get the box that the bagels came in-and we have to poop in the box! IN THE PARKING LOT! Yes, I cleaned out the bagels first. Seriously, are we kidding?
Quotes of the day by Brenton-(mommy) Brenon, finish your hot dog and you can have your cookie. (Brenton) my tummy is sick (mommy) oh, well I guess you shouldn't eat your cookie if your tummy feels sick (Brenton) It's only hot dog sick mommy, not cookie sick. Gotta love them!


  1. THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO HAVE A BLOG!!!! HILARIOUS!!! This is awesome- I don't have anything I want to say on my blog after that! FO SHO!! Love you guys! Awesome first blog! Keep em coming!

  2. Oh my gosh, Al! You crack me up! I love your real life perspecive on the crazy life with children! It sounds quite familiar :) Blogs are so fun for keeping in contact!


    P.S.--I found your blog through Kristen Plamondon's & then through Molly's blog. I have a blog, too. I'll e-mail you the link!

  3. Hilarious! Krista told me she got your link from Kristen's - to Molly's...and so it goes :) Welcome to blog land :) (Karen Deal)