Friday, July 15, 2011


Dear kind people of Walmart,
Are you aware that due to your low low prices you may encounter some families in your store? Families that have multiple children? Have you told your employees this?!!!

I am tired of other people parenting my children. I know I am not the worlds' greatest mom, but I discipline/parent my children plenty. They are actually very well behaved out in public. Today after several hours at Peter Piper Pizza playing games and not having a very good lunch (Cooper, Brenton and Blakeleigh). I think pizza is a perfectly acceptable lunch for my children, but Coop, Brenton and Blakes decided they did not need to eat any of it...So after PPP, games, and a stubbed bloody toe for Cooper, I decided to venture into Walmart. Mind you it was a quick trip and my kids were fantastically behaved. After I unloaded my cart I was all smiles when the grouchy cashier asked if I wanted to buy the salad in my cart. You mean the half eaten, semi-wilted salad that I saved from Peter Piper Pizza? I believe I will keep that thank you. Enter dirty look from cashier. As she was beeping my items, Caiden proceeded to take a seat on the bagging area. He was not in anyone's way, but the cashier told him sternly to "get off" and also told Cooper who had sat down before Caiden was yelled at. I didn't know quite what to say, so I just opted for a look of death at the Cashier. What is appropriate? "Please don't yell at my kids you mean lady?" or "give me a break you mean lady" or just "you're a mean lady"? Probably none of those, so I'm sorry I gave you a dirty look mean lady. Meanwhile the cashier in the other lane said "you have 4 kids?! you deserve a star, better yet a medal!" Yes, yes I do...for shopping in your store, for waiting an hour and a half for a cashier who is more concerned about germs (wearing gloves) than she is about checking my groceries out, for watching my kids melt down because it has taken me so long to shop because you rearrange your store every other week, for having to load my own groceries and then forgetting some because you forgot to turn the turntable thingy, then as I walk out with bags under my eyes and screaming kids-being asked for my receipt as if I could have possibly had enough forethought to have stolen something.
Instead of giving kids a smiley face sticker as they walk in Walmart, I want a t-shirt that says "I survived my trip to Walmart in spite of..." You fill in the blanks.

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